Infrastructure and Transport Yearly Publication

The edition “Infrastructure & Transport Review” is the new joint effort of the websites and, after the very successful Infrastructure & Transport Conference (ITC).

The main goal of the Review, which is published from 2019, is the promotion of knowledge and objective information around the two examined sectors, which play a significant role in the economic and social activity of the country.

The 1st section of each publication is dedicated to Infrastructure and includes analyzes and data on major infrastructure projects, energy, environmental and tourism infrastructure / investments, real estate and tourism.

Respectively, the 2nd section of each edition is dedicated to Transport and includes analyzes and data on air, road, rail and sea transport, freight / logistics, post and courier, car market and public transport.

Each publication also includes interviews, articles and analyzes, with tables and infographics by prominent representatives of the two industries, with the aim of being a useful research and information tool.

The “Infrastructure & Transport Review” is issued based on the highest standards and is distributed to 3,000 recipients, such as ministries, organizations, agencies, companies, educational institutions and the media.

The 1st edition referred to the two years 2018-2019 and the 2nd edition to the two years 2019-2020, while the 3rd edition, which will be distributed in the fourth quarter of 2022, to the two years 2021-2022.